How “coordinated” are you?

Do you really need a wedding coordinator? How about a ceremony coordinator? What’s the difference?

Many brides find that having a wedding coordinator is very helpful in the wedding planning process. However, if your budget is limited, it is possible to have an amazing wedding without one. You, as the bride have a few more errands to run, but ultimately, with the help of your mother and a few friends, you will have a beautiful wedding without the added expense of a full wedding coordinator.

The ceremony coordinator is in our opinion, a huge necessity and is relatively inexpensive.  The ceremony coordinator is the go to person for the ceremony, the one who will fill in all of the gaps, help make last-minute details come together, make sure everyone is ready on time, in their places, and make sure the ceremony goes off without a hitch. The bride can’t do this (it’s hard to tell the set-up crew where to put the flowers when you are knee deep in beauty treatments!), and we highly recommend that a family member not be in charge of this either. Having a non-biased person available to direct the day is invaluable and we suggest that you give it some thought.  There are always little details or last minute switches that need to happen and having a coordinator ready to take on all of those challenges can help the day go smoothly and minimize additional stress for you on your special day. Some venues include a ceremony coordinator as part the rental fee, but if they don’t, you  may want to consider adding this service to your list of must-haves.

Our team of partners includes two wedding day coordinators so you can decide if you need one or both of them directing your wedding day’s proceedings. Please contact us at if you would like a quote!


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